The members of the Annual Fine Arts and Music Festival Committee work about six months of the year to develop the Festival program.

Committee members are volunteers from Grafton that meet, organize, plan, share ideas, solicit sponsors, work wit the town staff, and take pride in producing the Festival weekend with exciting activities for all ages.

Committee members welcome visitors and participants to the Festival, provide workshops, and share their own art and musical talents.

New volunteers are encouraged to let us know of your interest by completing the contact form included in this website. We welcome your interest, your time, and your talents.

The 2014 Grafton Fine Arts and Music Festival committee is:

Marketing/PR/Website ~ ALL

Demonstrations ~ Steven Halpert

Volunteer Coordinator ~ Charlotte Eckler

Origninal Website Development ~ Lauren Bavosi and Mary Gillen

Art Hanging Assembly/ Music Liaison ~ Stephen Halpert

Press Releases ~ Tasha Halpert

Prizes/Judge Coordinator ~ Steven Halpert

Chair/Facilities ~ Jim O’Connor

Finance ~ Jeff Miller

Artist Liaison ~ Danielle Miller